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For information on the latest and hottest trends in the IT Industry, you can read about it on GDT’s Solutions Blog. From SD-WAN and cloud services, to IoT and loads of interesting information about the state of the industry, you have a lot of reading material to choose from.

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The gig economy—coming to an IT position near you

Over 15 years in IT staffing has given me some unique insights and front-row seat into the IT industry—emerging technologies, purchasing trends, the steady move toward software-based solutions, digital transformation, and on and on. I’ve

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Security and Compliance—similar, but different

As GDT’s Vice President of Security Advisory Services—and having specialized in IT security for over 20 years—it’s common to hear people confused with security and compliance. Yes, they’re different, but they do overlap in many

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A simple solution to a complex problem

By Richard Arneson GDT’s Staffing Solutions team accomplishes in a week what usually takes others months Technological advancement is fantastic, until it’s time to find the right people who can turn those advancement into the

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