Well-stocked Solutions for retailers

Delivering customers to retailers' doorsteps

Technology elevates customer service and support, including availability

All retailers and hospitality venues know that it isn’t a matter of if they’ll embrace technology, but when. Smart technologies and IoT allows retailers to collect key data to better market to, and service, customers. Point of Sale (PoS) solutions transform the customer experience and expedite service delivery.

Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) solutions rely heavily on technological advancements, and automating checkout for mobile applications will lean heavily on 5G. GDT helps retailers and hospitality venues implement these technological advances to keep, attract, and better serve their customers.

Learn how GDT architected and delivered a customized, end-to-end communications solution for a large retailer

One of the largest department store corporations in the US selected GDT to migrate their 300+ stores to a VoIP solution and provide a structured cabling solution that would deliver its many benefits.

The Internet of Things has Changed Manufacturing

GDT is bringing the latest tools to businesses to harness the power of IOT for manufacturing and logistics

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