Data Center Modernization

Transforming data centers into efficient, scalable business generating machines

The once siloed data center that operates in a reactive mode has gone the way of the dial-up Internet connection. In our highly digitized world, data centers can be modernized to handle the rapid demands of business and help organizations gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Through data center modernization, IT  departments can quickly and easily scale to meet the ever-evolving demands of business and partner with key stakeholders throughout their organization to get applications and products to market faster, enhance their competitive advantage, and consistently deliver a superior customer experience.

Software-defined and enterprise-ready

GDT’s Data Center Modernization experts transform the once inflexible, hard-to-scale and complex-to-deploy data center into a service-oriented infrastructure that’s agile, highly virtualized, automated, and can quickly and easily scale as needed. GDT transforms customers’ data centers into solutions that deliver the speed and innovation needed in today’s digital economy.

Turning legacy data centers into business transforming solutions

Legacy data centers can no longer keep up with the amount of data organizations generate on a daily basis. That’s why modernizing them results in a greater competitive edge, reduced expenditures and higher profits.

By transforming legacy, siloed architectures into cohesive, software-designed virtual environments, GDT’s data center modernization solutions architects and engineers pool resources for compute, storage, networking and management, which allow them to address the unique needs of each customer.

Creating agile solutions that drive revenue and transform operations

GDT takes a holistic approach to data center solutions. Our advisory services team identifies the right hardware, software, or as-a-service elements needed, deploys the solution, and verifies that all customer needs are addressed. As a result, customers can:

  • Roll out new applications in a fraction of the time
  • More easily monitor and manage their IT infrastructure
  • Bring products and services to market faster
  • Gain that much-needed competitive edge

Data center and business transformation

Whether customers are operating within an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid model, GDT’s data center modernization experts transform legacy infrastructures into ones that easily scale, address the ever-changing needs of organizations, and offer a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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GDT’s Integration Lab and Staging Center, a 1.7 million cu. ft. state-of-the-art facility staffed by talented, tenured engineers and technicians, was critical to delivering the security, agility, efficiency, scalability and risk mitigation the customer needed, while greatly reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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GDT’s highly talented and tenured solutions architects and engineers deliver the many benefits that Data Center Modernization provides, including software-defined Compute, Storage, Networking and Management.

Cloud Data Center

GDT erases the boundaries between your on and off-prem resources, enabling a unified IT landscape